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We are one of the leading national and international engineering companies in the field of railway surveying and design.

We provide full customer service support, covering all aspects of railway surveying as well as railway geometery processing with advice and practical help in project conception, planning and the construction phase through to surveying documentation in CAD and GIS.

Proven long-term relationship with our partners enables us to advise clients in areas outside of the rail infrastructure and competently provide the necessary surveying services.

Our Customers / Our Claim!


Our reputation is defined by our customers in rail infrastructure, passenger and freight transport, transit agencies, planning and project management companies and construction companies. Your opinion is important to us and our goal is to create a trusted relationship by meeting deadlines and delivering quality services.

One of the core values of GI-CONSULT GmbH is all work completed is carried out in accordance with the internationally accepted quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001. 

The location of our 9 offices nationwide ensures a close working relationship to all our customers. Our highly trained staff, flexibility and use of modern and innovative technologies are dominant strengths of GI CONSULT GmbH and provide advantages to our customers.

Up to date

Berlin, 13.03.2018

GI-CONSULT GmbH gets a member of buildingsmart and is involved with an own team BIM under the direction of Mr. Mitja Bartsch for an development for this foreward-locking methodoly.

Berlin, 29.01.2018

GI-CONSULT GmbH extends the area of ​​the management by the entry of Mr. Heiko Kube into the Handeslregister as further authorized signatory. This decision reflects the growth and positive development in the Northeast region.

Cologne, 20.11.2017

After preparatory work and terrestrial detail measurements, the GI-CONSULT GmbH completes the measurement of 1238 bridge beams on the south bridge in Cologne in just 2 day shifts.
As already successfully applied in several projects, our measuring system RAiL:Y Scan with a scanner mounted on the side "overhead" was also used.
The operation saved enormous costs in the area of ​​the necessary security and in the area of ​​the avoided operational restrictions.