To meet the demands of our customers as a highly specialized full-service provider in the field of railway surveying and design, we have continuously developed our activities and are constantly investing in innovative technology.

The measurement and adjustment of geodetic control in DB_REF, track geometry measurements, topographical surveys - including aerial, set out and measurement of tracks, switches, bridges, culverts, tunnels and level crossings, creation of site plans, cross-sections and elevations, development of digital terrain surface models (BIM), track geometric feasibility studies, evaluation of data from modern fast-moving diagnostic trains, the updating of DB GIS and IZ-plan, measurement setup and operation of monitoring systems for unstable railway infrastructure - with us you get all services from one source.

These services are made possible by a willingness to invest in hardware and software: Cutting edge image processing and reflectorless total stations with the highest precision for accurate measurements, 3D models using terrestrial high speed scanners as well as drones from the air, all forms of GPS surveying, our in-house rail-based measurement system Rail: Y based on the Trimble gedo CE - technology, as well as where it is economically viable, the use of distometer, electronic leveling, photography, ruler or sighting device all serve as tools in the surveying field.

The processing of survey data is efficiently managed through the tight cooperation of the 9 offices, and  is done according to the individual client request with the current versions of software products AutoCAD, MicroStation, Civil 3D, Revit, speedikon CARD / 1, ProVI, Verm.esn, ArcGIS, gl -survey, Neptan / GPS and other specialized software solutions.

Please understand that we can only represent a small part of our services, references, and technologies. We will gladly provide you with more detailed information on request.

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